Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cold but happy!

Sam finished the triathlon this morning in Copenhagen harbor. He had a great race, despite the water temperature of 62F degrees! He thought he would get used to it when the race got underway. No way! Here is a pic of Sam finishing the swim. Off to the Closing Ceremonies. More later. Keith


  1. Congratulations, Sam! Sorry about the water temps, but you got to swim in the Oresund. No matter where I go, I like to take a dip in the local waters. Perhaps they'll have the Outgames on the Eastern coast of Italy next time. The Adriatic is lovely. Hope you and your partner, Keith, enjoy the Closing Ceremonies!

  2. Congratulations to both of you on all your accomplishments! We made it back to Nashville late last night (with major delays in the Atlanta airport!) We can't wait for you to get back. Enjoy the rest of your time in Copenhagen and the closing ceremonies!

    Love, Hall and Liz