Monday, August 10, 2009

Memories from Copenhagen

We had an incredible week in Copenhagen for the World Outgames, but it is good to be back home in Nashville. This past weekend we had a reunion dinner with the kids and Mom and it reinforced the central importance of family in our lives. We appreciate the love and support shown by them and our friends more than we can say.

We will keep the blog up as we organize Team Nashville for the Gay Games in Cologne for 2010.

Here are a few parting shots from Copenhagen.

Farvel, Sam and Keith

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sam wins bronze in triathlon

We were notified today that Sam won the bronze medal in his age group for the triathlon! We left immediately after the event to pack for Stockholm and did not know the final results until today. Back in Copenhagen for one final night. The Outgames delivered the medal to the hotel upon our arrival. Sam put a lot into this race and is deserving of his bronze. What a great surprise ending for the trip! As you can imagine, I am very proud of Sam. Thanks to all of our family and friends for encouraging and supporting us along the way. Keith

Saturday, August 1, 2009

More pics from the race

Here are a few more shots from the triathlon today at the Orsund in Copenhagen. It was great fun but one of the craziest things I have ever done. Sam

Cold but happy!

Sam finished the triathlon this morning in Copenhagen harbor. He had a great race, despite the water temperature of 62F degrees! He thought he would get used to it when the race got underway. No way! Here is a pic of Sam finishing the swim. Off to the Closing Ceremonies. More later. Keith

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keith brings home the gold (and some silvers)

We have been very busy the past couple of days at the Osterbro Stadium track, where fortunately the only fireworks have been for celebrations. Keith faced some stiff competition in the javelin but threw the winning toss to capture the gold medal! The conditions were not ideal with occasional rain showers and swirling wind, but he found a way to win on the fifth out of six tosses. Keith then picked up a silver medal at the shot put to add to the silver medal he won yesterday in the hammer. Highly decorated and exhausted, Keith is looking forward to a day of rest and sightseeing around Copenhagen tomorrow before cheering me on at the triathlon on Saturday. "Godnat" from Copenhagen! Sam

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heading back to the track

The incident yesterday did not dampen our spirits for long. The local press calls the explosive devices "maroons" which are high-powered fireworks capable of injuring at close range. The attackers could clearly see from the tower that one person was injured and then launched the second round of explosives. This was clearly more than a prank, and one person is still in custody. Friends report that the injured runner from Seattle is going to be all right after surgery to his hand. Local authorities recognize the seriousness of this homophobic "hate crime" and promise to have increased security at the rest of the events.

We are returning to the track today where Keith will throw the hammer and defend his gold medal. Thanks to all who have expressed concern and support. Sam and Keith

Explosions rock track and field competition

The camaraderie of the Outgames was temporarily broken this afternoon when unknown assailants tossed two explosive devices onto the track during the start of a relay. One runner who was in a starting position near the explosions sustained a minor injury to his hand and was treated at the scene by paramedics. The large crowd of athletes and spectators was stunned by what can only be described as a hate crime attack. Competition resumed after consulting with the athletes who were determined not to let this incident succeed in stopping the Outgames. Police were called to the scene and were searching the premises when two more devices exploded on the track. Shortly thereafter the police arrested a suspect who was seen fleeing from a nearby church tower where it is believed the attack was launched. Police are still searching for a second suspect.

We are all stunned by this turn of events. Locals tell us that Denmark, which is known world wide for its openness and diversity, has been plagued recently by increased hate crimes and violence aimed at gays and lesbians. Of course, we are also determined that this will not stop or spoil the Outgames.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Awesome opening ceremony

Thousands of spectators crammed the square in front of Copenhagen Town Hall to watch the parade of nations, including over 6,500 athletes from 90 countries. Music, dance, acrobatics and did I say music, created an impressive extravaganza to kick off the Outgames. Before the parade we mingled with athletes from all over the world and renewed friendships with competitors we met in Montreal at the first Outgames three years ago as well as the Gay Games we have competed in through the years. It was truly inspirational to see so many people having so much fun just being themselves. The most touching moment was the introduction of an elderly couple and long-time partners who were the first same sex couple in the world to enter into a registered domestic partnership 20 years ago, right here in Copenhagen on the very spot. The evening kicked off a great week and captured the Outgames theme: Love of Freedom and Freedom to Love. Hej hej, Keith and Sam

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend of training

That's me in the white cap during the swim in Montreal.  It will be a lot colder in Copenhagen, so I trained Saturday in my wet suit.  It is really strange because the suit makes me float on top of the water.   That should help!  Also biked the killer hills in Percy Warner Park on Saturday.  That is where I used to train when I started this madness 15 years ago.  A lot of soreness thanks to the final days of training.  

Keith training at Vanderbilt track

Had a good day of training on Saturday at the Vanderbilt track and was pleased with several of my throws.   This cool weather is much like what we will find in Copenhagen.  Last time to practice...on to the Outgames.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Here I am coming out of the water in the Mach Tenn last month. It has been a hot summer with lots of pool time.  However, the swim at the Outgames will be in the chilly Copenhagen harbor!  To get used to the salt water and waves, last week I swam in the ocean several times.   It was a real adventure with the waves tossing me around.   Another challenge will be the cool weather.  Just checked Copenhagen and it will be in the high-60's!   Yikes!  Tonight I dusted off my wet suit and will swim in it tomorrow.  What additional challenges lie ahead?  Stay tuned.

Out & About article

Here is the link for a news story about our upcoming trip to the Outgames: Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This blog will chronicle Keith and Sam's great adventure competing in the World OutGames 2009 in Copenhagen from July 25 to Aug. 5th.  The World OutGames is an olympics style international sports festival with 38 sports and over 6,500 athletes.  There is also a cultural and human rights component, and lots of grand parties, as you might imagine.  This is our fifth time to compete internationally, and we know that a great time awaits us in Scandanavia.  

Keith will throw the javelin and hammer, and he is the defending gold medalist in both events, thanks to stellar performances three years ago in Montreal at the first OutGames.  Keith has been training hard in the heat at the Vanderbilt track and is throwing well despite another knee surgery during the past year.  Thankfully, he has a high threshold of pain, and he is the most competitive person I know.  Look for big things from Keith at this OutGames.    

I will compete in the triathlon to be held at the harbor in Copenhagen.  I have been anxious about this event for two reasons.  First, two years ago I tore my left hamstring and wondered if I would ever run again, much less be able to get back into triathlons.   After months of rehab and many painful miles on the road, I feel like I am back.   Second, in Montreal I recorded a personal best, and that motivates me to do well in this event.  Of course, for me the goal is to finish strong, have fun and don't get hurt.  With two triathlons under my belt this summer, I should be fine.

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