Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keith brings home the gold (and some silvers)

We have been very busy the past couple of days at the Osterbro Stadium track, where fortunately the only fireworks have been for celebrations. Keith faced some stiff competition in the javelin but threw the winning toss to capture the gold medal! The conditions were not ideal with occasional rain showers and swirling wind, but he found a way to win on the fifth out of six tosses. Keith then picked up a silver medal at the shot put to add to the silver medal he won yesterday in the hammer. Highly decorated and exhausted, Keith is looking forward to a day of rest and sightseeing around Copenhagen tomorrow before cheering me on at the triathlon on Saturday. "Godnat" from Copenhagen! Sam


  1. Congratulations, Keith! And to you, too, Sam! I recently came across your blog. You are inspirations to a lot of guys like me! Do you have an email address, I'd like to ask you a few questions about getting into tris? Thanks and enjoy your stay in Denmark!

  2. Thanks for your comments. Send a friend request on facebook to Sam Felker, and I will forward the other email address. Make sure you reference your post on this blog. Thanks, Sam and Keith

  3. Hi Guys:

    Thanks for the response. I'm not on facebook...bit of a Luddite there!

    I'll just ask here on your Blog for now.

    How old were you when you started doing tris? I'm 46. Too old to start? I have started training. I know I need to pick one in order to train for that goal. Only problem right now is motivation. Never been a problem before, but I've begun to notice in the last few months a feeling of lethargy.

    On a different note...Keith, who is the bald guy behind you in one of the pictures. Could you get his number for me?

  4. Drop me an email at and I can give you some more information on the events and individuals. Thanks, Keith