Sunday, July 26, 2009

Awesome opening ceremony

Thousands of spectators crammed the square in front of Copenhagen Town Hall to watch the parade of nations, including over 6,500 athletes from 90 countries. Music, dance, acrobatics and did I say music, created an impressive extravaganza to kick off the Outgames. Before the parade we mingled with athletes from all over the world and renewed friendships with competitors we met in Montreal at the first Outgames three years ago as well as the Gay Games we have competed in through the years. It was truly inspirational to see so many people having so much fun just being themselves. The most touching moment was the introduction of an elderly couple and long-time partners who were the first same sex couple in the world to enter into a registered domestic partnership 20 years ago, right here in Copenhagen on the very spot. The evening kicked off a great week and captured the Outgames theme: Love of Freedom and Freedom to Love. Hej hej, Keith and Sam


  1. We're glad you made it to Copenhagen! Thanks for the e-mail. Sounds like the opening ceremonies were off to a great start. Who preformed this year? We know how you both love to dance. Love, Liz and Hall

  2. Hey guys! It was great to meet you two on the flight over to Copenhagen! We made it to the opening ceremonies, and we are pretty sure that we saw you! Even the rain added to the excitement! Best of luck in the Outgames! We're pulling for you and team USA! Jordan and Dar

    (Sorry to hear about the attacks- we hope it is an isolated incident and the rest of the games go unspoiled)

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