Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heading back to the track

The incident yesterday did not dampen our spirits for long. The local press calls the explosive devices "maroons" which are high-powered fireworks capable of injuring at close range. The attackers could clearly see from the tower that one person was injured and then launched the second round of explosives. This was clearly more than a prank, and one person is still in custody. Friends report that the injured runner from Seattle is going to be all right after surgery to his hand. Local authorities recognize the seriousness of this homophobic "hate crime" and promise to have increased security at the rest of the events.

We are returning to the track today where Keith will throw the hammer and defend his gold medal. Thanks to all who have expressed concern and support. Sam and Keith


  1. Good Luck Keith! We're expecting a new gold metal to adorn the living room with the rest!

  2. Hi Sam & Keith!

    Hope you are enjoying yourselves here in (unusually-cold-for-this-time-of-year)Copenhagen.I found your blog via Joemyblog.

    I´m covering the games on my blog and I´ve uploaded several video´s from the different events. Check it out if you are interested.

    Enjoy your stay.


  3. Way to go Mr. Little. I am very happy for you and hope you and Sam are having a great time. Greg is also very excited for you. Cant wait to see all the gold and hear about the trip when we see you guys upon your return. Good luck to you Sam on your next event

  4. Thanks for everyone's support! We are having a blast in Stockholm for the last few days of the trip.